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Chef at Home

Home cooked, home-ready meals for one or in family size are made at The Grange, frozen and are ready for you to take home and microwave from frozen in 8-10 minutes (average reheat time) or defrost in your refrigerator for quicker reheat times.

One person meals - microwave only

BBQ pulled beef and mash £3.00
Beef chilli and rice £3.00
Beef stew and dumplings £3.00
Chicken jalfrezi curry and rice £3.00
Vegetable curry and rice £3.00
BBQ pulled pork with rice or mash £3.00
Chicken stew and stage onion stuffing £3.00
Creamy slow cooked chicken leek & bacon meal £3.00
Beef lasagne £3.00
2 Slices of New York cheese cake £3.00

One portion meals £3.00 each to take home or eat here at The Grange, add 50p.

SPECIAL SAVER DEAL: Order 5 and only pay for 4! £12

Other products may feature on specials board - see bar for details

Family meals - oven heat only

Shepherds pie £10.00
Cottage pie £10.00
Vegetable hot pot bean chilli £10.00
Beef lasagne £10.00
Vegetarian lasagna £10.00
Slow smoked BBQ pulled pork £10.00

Family trays £10.00 – remember not for microwave, oven only!

Other products may feature on specials board - see bar for details


Order your meals for the week or just try one at a time, we gaurantee these are better than supermarket versions!

Chef at Home Christmas - taking the fuss out of your festive feast!

We've the perfect solution to get chef quality help with your Festive Fayre and have developed our fabulous Chef at Home Christmas package. Nothing spared, you just get a perfect Christmas feast prepared for you ready to cook at home - complete with instructions so nothing is left to chance.

No leaving the turkey to the last minute to find they've all sold out! Just pre-order in advance with us and we'll make sure you have everything you need ready to collect and pop in the oven ready for the big day!


Butterflied whole turkey in goose fat, seasoned with Kosher salt & cracked black pepper. Prep marinated and prepared in an oven tray £49.50
Goose fat oven ready sealed ruffled roasted potatoes, thyme and roasted garlic £21.50
Tray of rosemary roasted chunky vegetables £21.50
Chef at Home Demi glaze, natural drippings gravy, red wine reduction £11.00
Traditional sage and onion stuffing tray, part cooked ready for oven £9.50

SPECIAL PACKAGE: Get the complete oven prepared chef at home meal for 10 for just £99.95

Crisp butterfly turkey
cripsy goose fat roasted potatoes


Don't let the Christmas shop get you down, pre order your lunch today and it'll be freshly prepared
and ready for you to pick up before Christmas!